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Florida DJ/Producer Raised. Now living in South Carolina. I Own 2 Denon s3700s, a Denon Mixer X1500, Denon Monitor Headphones, Klipsch Studio Monitors, Denon Amp, and 2 Technic 1200's. All of my shows are performed live for you the listeners. Every set is than recorded at time of performance. Once finished, I upload to Boost FM servers for reruns, and downloads. Please enjoy the music,and respect the time we the DJ's put in for your listening pleasure. Give feedback, and friendly comments. We like to hear props for what we do for you the listeners.

My current shows contains Dubstep music with a live professional electric guitarist. The electric guitarist Ray Ray runs through my mixer and plays electric guitart nodes on the fly during my Dubstep set. These sets are NOT pre-recorded, and they always contain high energy MC chatter from the DJ.

FlavoredBreaks (run by DJ niKKo) has been around since 1996. I produce music that influences not only myself, but others. I will introduce to you some of the hottest new age Electronic Dance Music, with fresh updated music every set.

Professional DJ Since: 1996
FlavoredBreaks Group Started: 1997

:: Escapades (Metairie, LA)
:: CV Tavern (New Orleans, LA)
:: Electric Ballroom (Knoxville, TN)
:: The Casbah (Johnson City, TN)
:: The Brick House (Houma, LA)
:: The Hangar (New Orleans, LA)
:: Cahootnannies (Johnson City, TN)
:: Ocala's Dance Festival (Ocala, FL)
:: Club Undergrownd (Orlando, FL)
:: Various Skating Rinks (Florida)
:: Various Outdoor Events (Florida)
:: Nutty Squirrel (South Carolina)
:: Schooners (South Carolina)
:: Liberty (South Carolina)

Radio Affiliations:
Actively Spinning:

Artist FlavoredBreaks worked With:
True Skool Music
DJ Kayden (J5 Productions)
DJ Spinn Kid (Beat Breakerz)
Elite Force
DJ JRock
Andre B
Specter (NuLogic Records)
DJ Viro (NuLogic Records)

May 2018

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