Lucas Ray.

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Lucas Ray is a Renaissance man, a traveler of the world who came to the certitude of his formidible audio wrath skillage set through an enlightenment of the hues of song that came up and through his brains as he grew up. His Dad's Rockwell Aim-65 sent a seed of sound into the pathways of hearing, which took root in the fields of Tangerine Dream, marching off this Mortal Coil, and being introduced to a Roach named Steve in the eaves of his inner reality, He knew Devo and he knew both Kazdin and Shepherd, that sound from the Aim-65 still reverberates to this day, in the head of Lucas Ray.

Aussie days made him into an upside down motivator of crowds, a key ingredient in the party being allowed to be fun for everyone, he baked a Barbie shrimp and came out of it with the experience to get to the States and meet up with Kerry Jaggers, to be a crunk-ass cool SanFran fool and be and make the mixes that shook the bootays of the beauties in that major rockin' DJ pool. Upon a triumphant jaunt to the Lone Star State, he now is a plate of some repute on the menu of Project Love Grove.

This delicious dude with jammin' grooves holds up the walls of our belief that music can be crunk and funk and mix the whole damn sound of all around into something cohesive and badass, whether he handles his Renaissance cool with Downtempo style, or rocks you cold with Electronica, Lucas Ray will make your day, Dark Age punk, now the question, is - do you feel lucky? Listen to Lucas Ray and be crunk all day, or forever hold your peace, Amen.

Apr 2018

May 2018

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