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DJ uBiquitous NyC

DJ uBiquitous NyC
Resident Host of "2 The Beat" Show on Boost.FM every Tuesday @ 8pm to 9pm Eastern Standard Time. That Local Puerto Rican Boy Hailing from Inwood Heights NYC DJ Ubiquitous, has been heavily into house music for well over 18 years. The heavy drums, percussion beats, ubiquitous kicks and phrases have provided continual influences towards his craft. uBiquitouS continues to build his name, a former Resident Host on the memorable out of NYC. Known for his heavy tribal beats, uBiquitouS has proven to be a passionate DJ when it comes to his craft. With a very seasoned mixing style and beat pounding track selections, ubiquitous manages to build his fan base where ever he spins. Ubiquitous is always looking to network with other players in the DJ industry..... Preferred Style: Tribal, Progressive, Electro and House. Here you will find Mix sessions of DJ Ubiquitous Playing previously recorded - 2 The Beat Show - sets on for listening pleasure. DJ Ubiquitous is available on request for Home and Club events. USA Booking Info: Quote: In the 21st Century we are more likely to be porn star's trying to break into politics.

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2 The Beat

A Live Mix House Show, Hosted By DJ uBiquitouS

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